August 9, 2007

Social Media Marketing: The Wave of the Future?

I figured out a really nifty thing to do on LinkedIn today... creating an HTML email signature with a link to this blog, to the PsPrint website, and to my LinkedIn profile. I was, sadly, highly amused by this function and emailed a colleague to show it off.

Colleague: Oh that is cool...I am still not 100% comfortable with online communication websites but Linked In seems cool because it's business connections.
Me: But it's the waaaave of the futurrrrre. And we're going to start social media marketing, so get used to it :p

That's right, project 15927 to add to my daily agenda (okay not really but it feels that way) is a new project that we'll have implemented by the end of the month. A full frontal attack on social media! I can't say much yet since we're still fleshing out the procedures and nitty gritty details, but I'll be taking the lead on it.

So, in addition to the two and a half hats I already wear at work, I'll be putting on a third. It's exciting to get some new responsibilities and working on a new project now that our mailing services is pretty automated and our affiliate program is started to go places. I can't wait to talk more about it, but mum is the word at the moment.

So I got to thinking about it... is social media and online networking really the wave of the future? What are your thoughts?

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