October 19, 2007

Blog Rush - I just CAN Quit You

Happened upon a fellow blogger and affiliate marketer who dumped BlogRush. As you may remember, I gave them an ultimatum a couple weeks ago and never made good with removing them. They're STILL launching their new reporting and it's taken two weeks so far. I think I have to make good on that promise. Better late than never, right?

This is not the speed an internet based service should be going at. Whenever I look at the stats of where my visitors are coming from, I never see any coming from blog rush. And according to their really basic reporting that is still active and visible, my traffic in the last 30 days is 50 visits. I think I would have seen that by now.

So apparently all they had time to do was add a favicon to the website and some "flavors" to customize the colors to be more suited to your blog. You can add all the flash and bang you want, but if the service doesn't deliver, it's not worth the real estate on my sidebar. I think this company has a great idea and vision, but needs to get it's execution sorted out in a hurry.

So with that, auf wiedersehen BlogRush... maybe someday we'll meet again on that mountain, but until then I'm going home to the wife...

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