January 9, 2008

Entrecard... the new BlogRush?

I'm a pretty active blog reader, and I've been seeing this Entrecard stuff all over the web. I assumed for some reason it was a paid thing. Then Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger wrote up an interview with Entrecard's Graham Langdon. It was a good read, and really explained what exactly Entrecard is and how it's beneficial.

I'm a big fan of business cards in general, so the concept of online business cards intrigues me. The fact that Graham got the idea from the success of BlogRush fascinates me even more. They had a TON of problems in launching their second version and had a lot of people ditching them when no results came. I check my BlogRush almost every day, mostly out of my desire to understand the dang thing and how it's syndicating what. I never can figure out why some posts are deemed hot and some aren't. But I continue with the widget on my blog because I'd like to think it's bringing me some traffic.

Entrecard, on the other hand, looks like it's the real McCoy. It's a pretty straightforward bartering system with Entrecard credits, and I've seen numerous blogs holding contests to give away points. So it's clearly working enough for those bloggers to have so many credits that they can afford to just give them away for nothing. I also like the widget better... simple, smaller, and with the opportunity to drop your card off.

So, I'm trying out Entrecard for awhile, and I hope I will not be as disappointed with it as I was with BlogRush there for awhile. Right now I'm rockin' a really thrown together Entrecard picture (left). I hope to put something together that really brands me once I finally find a better template for this blog.

Does anyone have any freebie Blogger templates for me? :)


C5 said...

If it wasn't for Entrecard, I wouldn't have found you. :)

Who We Are said...

Welcome to Entrecard!

Bob said...

Nice blog. Just found you on entrecard. I never figured out blogrush either, and never got any traffic from it.

Fawnzy.com said...

Cool blog.

TrishaLyn said...

Well shucks, thanks y'all! I've been snooping around Entrecard too seeing what other blogs are out there

Paul said...

If you guys like EntreCard I suggest looking at Arkayne as well. I've used it a bit on my blogs and its pretty decent. I like it over EntreCard because there is no special account or point trading so it sets up quick.

The big difference is Arkayne links on content not traffic trading so you get better links and users are happier.

For the curious: http://www.arkayne.com