February 25, 2008

Affiliate Summit Day 1 - Grab My Nuts!

Okay maybe it's been closer to half a day of festivities for me, but my feet are killing me already, I'm annoyed with the venue, and missing some boxes that were supposed to be shipped. But with my track record, it just wouldn't be a true trade show if I had everything prepared like clockwork :)

After having some breakfast I went to set the room service tray just outside my door for pick up and the door shut behind me and I was without my key. So I had to call down to get someone to come up and open the door, but I managed to be helped by housekeeping first and got let back in AND got fresh towels. Bonus!

So I hauled down to the registration area and got my badge and went in with my colleague to set up our modest booth. We don't have a big dynamic display like most companies do; just a table cloth with our logo, a banner, the highlighters we had made to give away, and the printed materials about our affiliate program. I brought the table cloth and sales sheets with me, we found the highlighters there shipped from the vendor, and the other things we'd shipped out here - our banner, a fishbowl for a giveaway, and a sign holder announcing our giveaway - were nowhere to be found. As well, there was no table there from the convention services company.

After procuring a table and still not locating the box or getting our manager on the phone to get more details about the shipment, we set up what we had and headed to the meet market, where we proceeded to be asked to grab Andy Rodriguez's nuts & naughty nurses asked us to enter to win a hummer.

Yes, you read that right.

Of course it would have been genius if they two tables had been beside each other, but they weren't. Andy Rodriguez Consulting was handing out packets of cashews and the company that hired the naughty nurses luring people in for a chance to win an H2 didn't really interest me so I don't remember the company name. They were some kind of information source like a magazine and I remember the man at the table was also at yesterday's Affiliate Classroom Live event.

It was good... got some cool freebies (heee!) and did some light networking. My feet were soon killing me and I came back up to the room, only to find that my room key had somehow gotten demagnetized. Locked out AGAIN! So I opted to wait for security to come let me in rather than walking my tired feet all the way down to the lobby to get the card redone. I took care of it when I went out again for dinner.

So more will come tomorrow!

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