February 28, 2008

Analytics Glossary: Demographics

  • The physical characteristics of human populations and segments of populations often used to identify consumer markets. Demographics can include information such as age, gender, marital status, education or geographic location
Whenever you do a targeted marketing campaign, demographics are key! It's a much better use of your time, efforts, paper, and budget to send your message to consumers who will be the most likely and interested in buying what you're selling. You don't want waste precious resources sending custom hot tub installation flyers to people in apartment buildings.

Many mailing list providers (e.g. PsPrint, USAData, etc) offer many demographic distinctions to choose from when renting a mailing list to market to. It's also important to differentiate if you're aiming for consumers at large or other businesses as it makes a huge difference in what kind of list you spend your money on.

Glossary Definition From
Website Magazine, February 2008.

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