February 8, 2008

Cribbed Content for February 8th

Other than the untimely demise of my youth by one more birthday this week, it's been a light week in my world.

  • My love affair with Entrecard is well known... and they had a birthday this week too!
  • Super Tuesday narrowed the playing field and we're down to the wire on deciding who to vote for. It's coming upon convention and running mate time. There's a decent recap posted online from NPR.
  • The NY Giants won the Super Bowl. Go Figure. A coworker told me today that there was apparently a college kid who was having trouble lining up student loans and grants so he bet $1000 on NY and it paid out 12-1 so now the kid's sitting in $12,000 for school. I can't find the story though (Google - you've failed me!) so someone link it if you know what I'm talking about please.
  • Shawn Collins, ever the Affiliate guru, has posted a video guide to Networking at the Affiliate Summit. Right on.
  • Save up to 50% off Postcards at PsPrint. That's right, PsPrint lowered postcard printing prices by 30-50%! We're practically giving these away, people.
That's all, folks

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