February 15, 2008

Get Ready for the Long Weekend

Are you as excited about the long weekend as I am? Probably. If you have kids though, it's no walk in the park to keep them upbeat on a cold winter weekend. But my mom had the right idea when we were little to keep us entertained. A book club!

Now a days we have the advantage of DVD clubs too like the Disney Movie Club. I could have used this when I was a kid, and I'm telling you as a lover of Disney movies even at 27, I'm considering joining myself!

The best part about the Disney Movie Club is that there's no membership fee. Basically you get the benefit of your first three Disney movies for just $1.99 each with free shipping, then get special deals on other Disney movies. For me, it's a matter of completing my collection as I'm pretty sure I already own most of the Pixar films and my favorite classics like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

But go see for yourself. This is really going to help entertain ME for weekends to come, and I'm an adult! Stop thinking about work for the weekend and fulfill your American duty this President's Day: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

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