February 21, 2008

Getting ready for Affiliate Summit West 08

Twitter is alive with activity. The summit has set up a group twitter that tracks whenever someone uses the keyword asw08 in their twits. This is very cool, especially considering I didn't know Twitter had this capability!

Everyone seems to be in a rush to get things done. Jim Kukral from ScratchBack.com is MCing the keynote on Monday. He's twittered several times tonight about the video he's working on for the presentation. At ASE07 in Miami the keynote was Ze Frank, a hilarious individual, so I'm hoping for no less at ASW08.

Stephanie Agresta from Stephanie Agresta Consulting is also a speaker and author of the Internet Geek Girl blog. She's twittered off and on today about her flight information and getting ready for the trip from out east. Sam Harrelson from Affiliate Fortune Cookies has been twittering as well and he's even had to change his flight because of inclement Northeastern weather.

Of course myself, I'm twittering here and there about getting ready. I'm not lucky enough to have a nice new company supplied laptop, so I'm on my own personal laptop this weekend. I do have a press pass, so I be working on keeping the interweb updated from the blogger's room through this blog and Twitter. I'm committed despite my chunky clunky Dell Latitude laptop :p.

As a final note while I'm getting my laptop set up tonight, I encourage everyone associated with affiliate marketing in any way to check out this month's issue of Affiliate Classroom Magazine. Besides there being a keen write up of the PsPrint Affiliate Program, there's a lot of great affiliate manager tips. I'll be attending the whopping 10 hour Affiliate Classroom LIVE affiliate manager training on Saturday in Las Vegas before the summit. I'm eager to get in there and take notes... is it too much to hope for actual desks? :p I know that it's at the Rio and from all the conference space I've seen at hotels in the last year, I'm sure there won't be surfaces to write on readily available, so I'll be taking my clipboard with me.

Hope to see you there! I'm considering bringing my camcorder with me to the exhibit hall, so if you've used PsPrint in the past, come on by for an impromptu video plug!

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Offbeat News said...

I can't wait 2 read about your exploits!