February 2, 2008

Social Media Marketing: Wave of the Future?

I figured out a really nifty thing to do on LinkedIn a few months ago... creating an HTML email signature with a link to this blog, to the PsPrint website, and to my LinkedIn profile. I was, sadly, highly amused by this function and emailed a colleague to show it off.

Colleague: Oh that is cool...I am still not 100% comfortable with online communication websites but Linked In seems cool because it's business connections.
Me: But it's the waaaave of the futurrrrre. And we're going to start social media marketing, so get used to it :p

Back in August we decided to do a full frontal attack on social media! I can't say much yet since we're still fleshing out the procedures and nitty gritty details, but I'll be taking the lead on it. That was decided back in August and we still haven't made any progress on it, other than my blogging efforts here.

It was exciting to get some new responsibilities and start working on a new project. Our mailing services is pretty automated and our affiliate program was starting to go places. I couldn't wait to talk more about it, but mum was the word at the time.

So I got to thinking about it... is social media and online networking really the wave of the future? What are your thoughts?


Vicky Virtual Assistant said...

Absolutely yes. Since I started on some of them my site stats have gone through the roof. :}

Zack said...

It's all about the conversation online now and people are definitely having those conversations outside the purview of search engines more and more. I know many people who are starting to go to their social group to ask for advice before going to google.

And the fact that the sheer volume of traffic available from networking online versus people arriving via search speaks for itself. I've heard examples of new blogs getting up to 7000 visitors from social sites while Google delivered as few as approximately 400 during the same time period.

Pretty interesting stuff!