March 25, 2008

Alternate Language Creative

I was presented with an interesting dilemma last week. An affiliate contacted me and pointed out that their visitor base consists mostly of non-English speaking users.

Of course we're willing to accommodate this publisher. He's excited about the program enough to ask for the creative that his visitors will understand and connect with. Now in this case the language in question was Spanish, which I don't personally speak. So I gave the publisher the opportunity to give me the copy and we can work from there.

This makes me wonder how other affiliate managers deal with creating custom ads appealing to different demographics, languages, cultures, etc. Do they always create a few different versions of an ad for other demographics or take the requests in as they come? I guess it depends on their program and the types of publishers they have.

For the time being, I'm sticking with a case-by-case basis, although I know eventually it'll need to be automated lest I go insane trying to appease these requests. I've said it many times before that everyone needs printing, in all languages, so eventually I can see the reach of our program extending across demographics. Eventually it would definitely be nice to come out of the gate with multiple versions of same ads. Networks, if you're reading, you should work in a way to add different versions and not count against our total link count.

Alas, I'm betting that no one from any affiliate networks reads this so my plea will go unseen.

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