March 4, 2008

Analytics Glossary: Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel:
  • The series of steps that move a visitor towards a specified conversion event, such as an order or registration sign up. Funnels vary for every site, but best practice is to limit the depth a user must engage to convert.
A more common term for this is the ordering process. Here at PsPrint that's what we usually say to describe the steps a consumer has to go through to place an order. It's always a good idea to review your conversion funnel every year or so to make sure that the UI (user interface) is easy to understand and isn't garbled with useless information or unnecessary steps. Remember that the easier it is to convert, the more likely the conversion is.

Glossary Definition From
Website Magazine, February 2008.

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Susie said...

Can not agree more.. it's all about the ease of things these days! Great point on reviewing this stratedgy.