March 21, 2008

Cribbed Content for March 21st

It's been a weird week...long yet short. Not a lot going on but here's some highlights.
  • Stephen Denton, president of LinkShare, resigned. Basically he just wants to take some time off to be with his kids and family. Right on.
  • GeekCast 10 - hilarious as usual. Word directly from Shawn is that ASW09 is going to be in Las Vegas again...usually gets about 75% of the vote. Personally, I voted San Diego. Meh.
  • Clever, yet, annoying marketing idea for the week comes from Jim Kukral on The Daily Flip - get a jingle. Watch this... soak it in... punch him in the head next time you see him.
  • I'm discontinuing the daily quotes. They didn't add much to anything and ultimately ended up being a chore to do. Sorry to anyone who'll miss them.
On a secondary note I suggested a topic for Affiliate Fortune Cookies that Sam seemed to dig and submitted a couple questions for and I hope that Jim answers them. So if I get answers from Jim Kukral I'll post them and if Sam Harrelson gets around to doing a podcast on my topic, I'll share that too. I'm all about sharing what I know!

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