March 11, 2008

Google Buys DoubleClick - Googlezilla Attacks!

It's official! Google has closed the deal and purchased online marketing agency DoubleClick, who also run affiliate network DoubleClick Performics. There are already graphics up on the DoubleClick and Performics homepages announcing the merger. According to Performics it's business as usual and the two companies will work independently for now.

There's no word yet on how this merger will affect Google's amazingly successful AdWords or the ever growing Performics, both tools of the successful affiliate. It's easy to speculate that eventually both will be rolled into one mega-monster network offering PPC, CPA, and CPC opportunities for affiliates. Truth is that we just don't know. While that seems it would be the obvious long term goal, Google is known for innovation and could completely knock our socks off with something else in store. Only time will tell!

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