March 24, 2008

Reputation Management Made Easy - By Trackur!

I wish I could tell you all that this amazing service is free, but alas like most good things nowadays there's a price to pay. This is definitely a service that's worth the coin., launched earlier this year by Andy Beal of, is an amazing tool that basically scours the web for you to find references to your keyword. I enjoyed my free trial, and am excited to see that the minimum price has gone down to $18/month. It'll be much easier to sell execs on using this service now that it's ultra affordable.

This ain't yo mama's reputation management!

Google Alerts have pretty much been the standard in the past, but once you try Trackur I promise you'll cancel half those alerts. I found SO much more on Trackur that the Google Alerts never mentioned. Trackur scours all of the web, so if something happens to get past Google's spiders (not likely but hey, it's possible) it'll show up on Trackur.

So don't let me sing the praises for it - go sign up for the free trial. It's a great tool that I'll definitely be hounding the execs here to use. And I know this sounds like I have something to gain from this post, but I don't. It's just such a great service I think it deserves more recognition!


Warren Whitlock said...

The first thing I teach authors promoting books online is to know where they are to start.

The majority don't have alerts.. so now I'm telling the to go straight to

Thanks for the review and the suggestion.

Andy Beal said...

Thanks for the shout-out Trisha!

TrishaLyn said...

Andy I'm sure you already know how much I dig it. You found this from using Trackur too, didn't you? ;)