January 8, 2008

All for One, One for All Printers

All in one printing is a valuable asset to have. The printer I use at home, an HP OfficeJet 6210, is a great piece of machinery. With this I can print anything I want with photo quality results (usually photos and Google Map directions are what I'm printing). I can also scan my photos, make copies for free, and, if I had land line phone service, I could easily fax to my heart's content. I've had all in one printers for a few years now, and I'd never go back to a simple printer as my main machine.

Here at the office we have a Konica machine that almost does as much as my little HP (despite being 5 times the size). It prints, it scans, it copies, it slices, it dices. Wait - rewind those last two there.

But it's a great machine when it's not tragically overworked by the volume our office sends it's way. Without an all in one machine like this, our efficiency is severely hindered. Anyone who's been here on a day when the printer goes down knows exactly what I mean.

While not a scientific percentage, a quick search of Google Shopping shows 23,015 results for "all in one printer", so clearly there are a ton on the market and many small businesses look for combination deals like this to save on money and supplies. Every business I've worked at has kept a similar all-in-one machine in their arsenal of office equipment. So if these are so important to us, why do people still look to specialized companies for their professional printing needs?

The best stop is a printing company that can do it all for you. This way you save on supplies, shipping, and effort. The time you save dealing with one company to do everything for you will increase your efficiency and give you time for other more important projects than ordering more business cards. Naturally all businesses want to get more bang for their buck, so the best solution is to go somewhere with great quality and low prices.

PsPrint, one of the first online printing companies and the only online printer with facilities on both coasts, is a one-stop-shop. Offering exceptional quality at bargain prices, PsPrint offers everything from business cards to presentation folders, professional graphic design services to mailing services. They can take care of your printing needs from start to finish. It's a great online resource to have in your back pocket. Ordering online has never been easier: just upload your artwork, pick out what you want, and associate the two. BAM - you're in business.

Don't take my word for it... head over to www.PsPrint.com and check out the selection of products and services for yourself. You'll wonder why you went to any other printer before.

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