January 8, 2008

BlogOnExpo - We'll Be There!

BlogOnExpo is a collaborative effort that was started by Aditya Mahesh. The goal of the website is to make the experience of attending an industry conference available to all. With prices reaching up to $1000 per ticket plus airfare, hotel bills, and other travel expenses, it is not much of a surprise that many individuals and companies cannot afford to attend these conferences. Hence, they have attempted to recreate the conference experience online, where it can be accessed at no cost.

This particular conference will be covering the topic of blogging. When launched on January15th, 2008, the conference will feature sessions, interviews, videos, and more. The sessions featured in the expo will be written by Aditya and some of the other blogging experts met along the way. Each session is written with the mindset of helping you improve your blog and ultimately increase your blog’s readership, impact, and revenue.

PsPrint is a proud exhibitor at BlogOnExpo. Remember to read their blog to keep updated on the expo and stop by on January 15th to see all the exhibitors and read the valuable tips and sessions available to bloggers out there.

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