August 15, 2007

Fever... in the morning... fever all through the night.

According to my handy dandy Weatherbug extension for Firefox, it's a toasty 71.8° outside. And you have no idea how proud of myself I am that I remembered the HTML code for the degree sign without having to look it up online.

It's that kind of afternoon here at the office... it's quiet, a little too quiet. There's some kind of big meeting going on in the conference room, which no doubt will somehow trickle into more work for us underlings. Because our conference room has the worst circulation of any conference room, they've borrowed my fan to help make it more bearable in there. No, I wasn't using it, but I could use it about now. But that's how it always goes, isn't it?

Most of the projects I've been working on are either done or on hold pending someone else's end of their bargain. In some ways it's a nice place to be... I've done most of my share and the hard work. In other ways, it's the worst... because I'd rather get this all taken care of and over with than be waiting on someone else's contribution.

But then again, I never did like group projects in school... I was the kid that always got stuck with 90% of the work. I realized in college that most of the time I'd taken over a project, it wasn't necessarily because everyone else in my group were slackers, it was sometimes because I just thought I could do a better job than them. So once, I sat back... I knew the best thing I could do for the project was write the paper that was turned in after the presentation. Instead, I let someone else do that and I took the easiest job there was... keeping the notes from our meetings that had to be turned into the professor too.

Every group in the class got an A. Our group got a C (which I'm tragically still plotting ways how to appeal 4 years later). The reason was that the person who wrote the paper was not a very adept writer, so almost all of the points we had deducted came from the paper part. Go figure... I learned my lesson that day.

I digress. Most of what I've been working on is standard management of the mailing services program here at PsPrint and making sure the affiliate program doesn't implode upon itself. So far, so good! We launched new sales today... $100 off Brochures and 25% off Premium Business Cards. Launching sales doesn't really have much to do with me though, beyond updating affiliates and giving them new creative to use, which again is one of those things I have to wait on someone else for.

Since it's past time for me to leave, it looks like the waiting game shall continue until tomorrow...

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