August 31, 2007

Fussing Update

I fussed around more with, Digg, and Technorati. So far my thoughts... really easy to use. I exported my bookmarks from Firefox and imported them into my bookmarks in a matter of minutes. I've spent probably the last half an hour cleaning up my tags since they're so scattered and I'm a neat freak like that. But it's a really simple interface that's a breeze to use. I've head a lot about this site, so I get the feeling I'll be using it a lot whenever I come across something particularly cool.

Digg: pretty easy to use, but there's a lot there. The home page of News & Videos is cracking me up reading some of the titles. Not sure how this can be leveraged though without digging my own stories. I did try a plea on Twitter for digs, but got none. And it's taken me hours, but I've figured out how to add the Digg This button you see to the right. I found out though that I have a friend already on Digg, so I can foresee messing around more with this and building more friends on this network.

Technorati: Okay what the hell? The main function of the site, as far as I can tell, is to keep a list of your favorites. Do me a favor and look HERE. Do you see any favorites? If you don't I'm really annoyed because I followed their instructions to export my blogs from Google Reader, saved the file correctly, imported them to Technorati, they showed up for a couple minutes and now they don't show. So my frustration is building with this site to the point where I'm already ready to give up... which for an experienced web user like me, isn't good at all. So I've decided to walk away from it for awhile, focus my efforts on the other two, and mess around with this once they've got this bug fixed. I already ventured into their help forums on the first day... not really a good sign, folks.

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