September 7, 2007

The Body is Willing, But the Mind is Weak

No, I didn't get the saying wrong. That's how I feel today. I've got a ton of energy physically speaking... got a great night's sleep last night. But after even a short week of overloading my brain with end of month reporting, more reporting, affiliate network shopping, and more late nights at the office, my brain has decided to stage a sit in.

Actually, before about 11:30am this morning the brain was active too. However after sitting in various conference calls from then until about 2:15pm, my brain revolted from overload. First we heard all about LinkShare and their merchant platform. Then all about Widemile's optimization services. Then talked to a couple cats at Clickbooth since we haven't ventured into CPA marketing here at PsPrint yet.

Is it a bad thing that during our conference call I surfed over to and had to look up CPA? I was pretty embarrassed with Anne sitting behind me... although I guess she actually didn't notice until I mentioned it after the meeting. Oh well.

The last week I've been making sure our mailing services don't break, which is nice for a change. At the end of August the mailing went crazy... it seemed like while I was on vacation everyone and their mother decided to place a mailing order. Which is great... but left me a lot of work to catch up on. We've been really focused on the affiliate program and it's future. Which is great too. We're looking at new features, better affiliate acquisition, possibly a new network, new creative, new campaigns... heck new everything. It's an exciting time for me, especially since Anne confirmed that we'll be attending Affiliate Summit 2008 West in Las Vegas in February. That means between my personal vacation, the National Association of Realtors show in November, and AS West I'll be heading to Sin City three times in 6 months. Not too shabby for this California girl.

I'm also semi-addicted to now. Last night I imported all my bookmarks from home into it so now I can access them anywhere... and that's half the point, right? It's really actually pretty interesting to see how many other people have some of my favorite places bookmarked. I'm also surprised in some cases how few people have some websites bookmarked. For example, the View Askew Productions Message Board has over 10,000 registered members. But only 2 other people on have it of which I even recognize (and promptly added to my network).

Time for my Friday ritual of trying to see the wood grain of my desk. Wish me luck.

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