September 12, 2007

OMG!!! The sky is falling

After working on our bug fix list for a couple months now, the veep and I are finally having a meeting tomorrow to go over the list, prioritize anything that's still pending, and then present it to the CTO.

How does PsPrint's assistant marketing manager get put in charge of tracking all the IT problems reported to our tech department? Well, I don't really know. But I was handed the task nonetheless. My guess it's because of how disgustingly organized I am. So I have this handy dandy Excel log I update whenever anyone CC's me on a support item, and I update it when I see the item's been taken care of. It's no big deal... takes just a few seconds out of my day a couple days a week. Although, it does make me curious about how other companies track things like this.

My last company was no source for comparison, really. With a staff of 8 people, 1 guy was in charge of all things technical. He maintained our database, he fixed things when they broke (except that one time we wanted to go all Office Space on our dying printer once the boss approved getting a new one). But with a stagnant concept of a company that wasn't doing much to grow and was run by a glorified con-man, there wasn't much for IT to work on to improve. So of course he had nothing but time to fix all our inane little networking and Windows Update issues.

Luckily these are all internal requests we have here... this person's computer is acting weird, this gift code isn't working, add such and such an email account to x distribution list. It's not a whole lot of issues that affect our customers too badly. Even if a gift code doesn't work, we can always apply the discount in the form of a refund. Our IT department focuses most of their energy on making the site better for customers... which leaves most the company to kind of fend for ourselves in terms of updating our computers and regular maintenance things like that. This is where it really is beneficial that we're an online-based company. 99% of our employees that use computers for work are very computer savvy and self sufficient. I'd wager that about 80% of the office has a personal MySpace page.

Although I hate to admit it, we do get random glitches to our website. What big company doesn't, right? But that's part of growing and expanding as a company and business. We introduce new features or new partnerships with other companies and things don't always work right off the bat. How many Xbox 360's overheated and broke within a month after the first generation was released? C'mon, these things are rarely perfect from creation forward.

But that's what makes PsPrint so exciting for me. We're always changing, morphing, adding. Working on new partnerships with bigger and better companies. First NAR, tomorrow the world!

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