September 14, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish...

Brickfish! This is a nifty little website that Anne stumbled upon. They describe it better than I can, so here's their spiel:
  • Create content for your favorite brands and bands.
  • Win exciting rewards for reviewing, voting and sharing content across the web.
  • Earn rewards like the chance to meet your favorite bands, clothes, scholarships and even cold, hard cash.
The best incentive to participate in viral marketing I've seen in some time. We're kicking around a campaign to launch on Brickfish, and it might be ready as early as Monday! Stay tuned for more details next week!

In other news to wrap up the week, I've booked my flight to John Wayne Airport in Orange County for the California Associations of Realtor's Expo next month. I'll miss the first day of the show, but will be there staffing our booth October 10th and 11th. I figure while I'm down there I'll see some friends in the area and enjoy a slight change of pace from Nor Cal life. The day before the show I'll be staffing our online booth at eComXpo from the comforts of my office here in Oakland. So two shows in three days... that should be an interesting week to say the least!

Trade shows seem to be going well, customer acquisition is doing okay but could be better, and the affiliate program is pretty stagnant. We had a two and a half hour metrics meeting this morning, only half of which focused on the affiliate program, which I felt like a moron during. I guess I've been more focused on the quantity of affiliates than the quality, so that ends now.

We want to help our affiliates to be better affiliates. We're also considering some BIG changes to the structure of payments, but I'm not at liberty to announce them yet. We're going to start looking more at our affiliates individually and see what they're doing and what is working. Hopefully this helps everyone. Me, because I won't look like a goober when asked questions and I'll have the answers, the affiliate, because they'll be making money, and the other affiliates, because they can learn from the big money makers.

That makes sense, right?

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