August 20, 2007

Hats, Hats, Everywhere!

Have you ever noticed that right before you're supposed to go on vacation, everything piles up out of nowhere? Things that weren't even on your radar before are suddenly paramount priority. Last week my lovely manager Anne mentioned that I'll be taking over e-mail marketing for PsPrint. I assumed this would be happening within the next month. I get into the office today to see an email from her with details for an email to be sent out Wednesday. Good thing I was prepared!

So I've been working mostly on that today, ironing out some kinks and playing that good old Waiting Game for the copy and other information. I've been chipping away at this ever increasing task list (thank the stars for the Tasks feature in Outlook) and most of the things on the list are due in the next three days before my vacation.

About a week ago, we were invited to post in a blog called PrintSalesPros as a sort of guest author. I wrote a blog post for them about our 100% Recycled Matte paper stock in response to a request for articles about green printing they posted on Twitter. Feel free to check it out HERE. Another contributor also posted an article about green printing entitled Green printing can make a great impression, and it's a good one too.

So I've added another hat to my closet, so to speak. Mailing Services, the Affiliate Program, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, trade show assisting, some really general assistance in advertising and promotional deals... I finally feel like I'm in marketing!

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