August 22, 2007

Going to Vegas. BRB

So in less than 48 hours, this is where I will be... chilling with (hopefully) a fruity drink in my hand rearing to go and enjoy beautiful Las Vegas. I've needed a vacation for awhile now, and it's good to go on a real vacation.

Of course, trying to get a bunch of projects done in time to go without worrying about work is almost impossible. It's like the fates align to send every new project possible right into your inbox the day before you're set to leave. Today was my last day in the office until next Tuesday, so of course new affiliate projects came across my desk, problems with mailing services customers happened, a new email marketing campaign launched, and I was IMed about a thousand times.

If only my vacation started tomorrow! While I won't be in the office, I'll instead be down in San Jose attending the Search Engine Strategies Expo at the Convention Center. They have a Social Media track of educational sessions that should be very informative and give me some good ideas for that task here at PsPrint in the coming months. I'll be there in classes until about 2, then I'm going to walk around the expo and check it out a bit.

Afterwards, that's when my vacation starts! First I'll be meeting up with a friend from out of town in San Jose to go to the Winchester Mystery House. It's amazing how terrible of a tourist one can be in their own area... I've never been there, despite being fascinated by it's history since 3rd grade. So going there, then Friday morning flying to Las Vegas. I can't wait.

So, I bid this blog adieu until the 28th when I get back. I leave you with a question: what did you do on YOUR summer vacation? :P

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