August 31, 2007

Turning Gray at 26?

While brushing my hair this morning I found not one but three gray hairs. It's hard to tell the color of a single hair, it almost looked blond... but considering that my hair is naturally a dark brown, I sorta doubt they were blond.

Has the stress gotten to me already? My coworkers have joked that I'm no longer allowed to take Vacations because the rely on my being here so much (although this is something they joke about every time I take some time off for any reason...) And since returning from Sin City, the work load on my desk has been seemingly endless. I've been here two and a half extra hours each night trying to catch up before Labor Day, and with it also being the end of the month I have EOM reporting coming up to worry about as well.

What happened to the days when I just came in, did my job, and went home? I guess in the days of mailing services, marketing, advertising, sales, social media, the affiliate program, and email marketing there's no sleep for the weary. It took me half a day just to catch up on Twitter posts and all the blogs I subscribe to through Google Reader. I've perhaps spent more time here at PsPrint than home in the last few days.

In case you're wondering, I did enjoy my vacation. Some of the highlights included a helicopter tour over the strip at night, seeing Penn & Teller live and getting photos with them and their autographs, seeing lots of animals, going very high up at the top of the Stratosphere tower and the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, and traipsing all over Las Vegas Blvd. My travel friend and I basically saw everything we went to Vegas wanting to see, except we missed out on the Tournament of Kings dinner show at Excalibur. I think when I go back to Vegas in November to attend the National Association of Realtors' conference, I might take an evening to head over there. I wasn't quite ready to re-join reality!

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