August 7, 2007

My Special Place

My special place is where fields are green, trees grow back instantly, and I can see the Ikea wood grain of my desk instead of a sea of paperwork!

I finalized the details with the Think Green folks and got that project rolling today. We also discussed some take away lessons from the blogging and social media sessions I attended at the Inman Real Estate Connect show last week. All good stuff... I've yet to type up my notes for the benefit of my coworkers, but I'll get to it right after I get to checking everything else :p

Finally late last week I was able to get the details all fleshed out over at to have a directory listing for the PsPrint Affiliate Program. It was a bit harrowing due to our main contact being on her honeymoon, but it's finally done! I'm proudly sharing the link with everyone since it ended up being such a chore to get it done, so check it out!

Other things we've been working on that I haven't been so involved with is our deal with NAR, the National Association of Realtors. PsPrint has been actively reaching out to Real Estate agents, brokers, and other professionals in getting our name out there for printing. Our awesome business development manager, Chris Hendricks, was integral in making this happen. I leave you with the press release for the venture!

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