August 6, 2007

So many new things my brain may explode!

With all the exciting things we're doing here, it's no wonder I'm buried under a sea of paper on my desk. Lots of very interesting projects rolling across my desk. I can't wait until they all come to fruition!

First, we're going to be assisting with a music festival promoting green thinking and environmental awareness. We're a pretty green company ourselves, using 100% recycled matte paper stocks and soy inks. So we're stoked to help out the organizers of this event. If you're a green minded person and want to check out some great tunes for a great cause, jump on the bandwagon over at Think Green-World Music Festival The show is September 8 in Napa, CA. Don't miss it!

Second, but only chronologically, we'll be exhibiting at eComXpo October 9th - 11th. eComXpo is a 100% virtual trade show for eCommerce Marketers. We'll be exhibiting amongst the likes of Google, LinkShare, and more! The show is completely online and free to attend. I just started working on our virtual booth today and I'm really excited about the presentation at the show. I slaved on the booth all day!

Okay, it was really easy. But it'll be a great event! I encourage anyone out there in the eCommerce world to check out the show.

There's more in the hopper too for sales & marketing here, but it's not fleshed out yet. Needless to say, I'm really excited about all the new things we're doing that will have great potential for the company. It's really thrilling to still be on the ground floor of this place, so to speak!

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