August 2, 2007

The Long Days Journey Into Trade Shows

Some of my most useful immersion into the professional world recently has been my attendance at trade shows. I attended Affiliate Summit East in Miami at the beginning of July and just this week attended Inman News Real Estate Connect in San Francisco. Both had their benefits, although I enjoyed the Miami show a bit more.

There are a few reasons for this. For one, I didn't feel like a child at the Miami show. The crowd there was a lot younger, fresher, relaxed. Of course, the affiliate marketing industry is a newer industry, not like real estate. Real estate is a very traditional industry, with a lot of older, established professionals. Which don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing either. The purpose of the show was connecting new technologies with agents & brokers to improve the business.

I also learned a bit more at the Miami show that's relevant to my professional life. It was also my first trade show, first business trip, so I was super pumped to get back and apply all the new things I learned. Connect was valuable, but reiterated a good deal of what I learned in Miami. But it gave me a good reinforcement that the tips I got from one industry are universally applicable to other industries.

A moment about keynote speakers... both conferences I went to had incredibly engaging keynote speakers. AS East had Ze Frank, a very funny and smart guy. He was very vivacious, and presented his message in a roundabout way, but hilariously entertaining. Connect invited Hugh McLeod, again a very intelligent and funny gentleman. His message was more direct but still engaging. I encourage you to check out their websites and if you ever get the opportunity to hear them speak, take it.

I'll leave you with this, which is not the model for my blog, but a cartoon by Hugh that I just ran across that seems appropriate.

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