September 21, 2007

Sharing GoogleReader Goodness

Read a good article on Marketing Pilgrim that's pretty much summarizing my thoughts on BlogRush right about now. Go check it out and give Andy some props.

BlogRush Battling Bozos - By Andy Beal

Another goodie, the true nature of bloggers. This comes to us from Cartoonist/Marketer Hugh MacLeod. You can find more on his website. I've mentioned before that he gave the keynote at the Inman News Real Estate Connect 07 in San Francisco and it was good stuff about the new age of marketing and social media & objects.

Some momentary social commentary... I saw this picture of Jennifer Lopez on the Best Week Ever blog and I also heard in the last couple of days that she confirmed her pregnancy... how can you stand to be pregnant and stand in those HEELS? I understand part of her job is looking fabulous, and you do still have to do your job well even if you're pregnant, but honey we'd understand if you wore some flats!

That said, I'm wearing some flip flops I bought while in Miami for Affiliate Summit East in July and they're incredibly comfy.

Happy Friday everyone! What do you all have planned (besides swearing off working until it's time to get out of bed Monday morning?)

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