September 25, 2007

Free Tools To Market Your Blog

In my never-ending quest to attract readers, I've come across several free tools that assist bloggers in marketing their blogs and attracting even more readers. I thought I'd share.
  1. StatCounter is a little bit o' heaven I stumbled upon about a year ago when I was setting up some private websites and wanted to know if anyone was even going to the sites. With StatCounter it's free to sign up and get emailed reports of the daily traffic to the URL you set up. You can run multiple campaigns and get various different types of data from this website. If you want more in depth information you can always pay for an account, but it's not necessary. My favorite part are the e-mailed reports... I've set up weekly reports that let me know how many visitors my site has had. And I've never had a problem with any strange incorrect data.
  2. Twitter: When I first heard about Twitter I was in Miami attending the Affiliate Summit East. I was like a sponge with the things I learned in the sessions I attended and wanted to apply all of my knowledge right away. So I came back and started to read Twitter. I have to admit that at first it seemed pointless, but as I've immersed myself into "mini blogging" I've started to get it. Link to the blog to remind people to read. Reach out to people with similar interests if you see something they'd be interested in. If your blog addresses that interest, even better. It's a fun little community I'm happy to be part of.
  3. BlogRush: This is a new one I just started using last week, and I'm happy to say it's worked just a little bit. The service itself is relatively new to the blogosphere, but the nifty little widget I like. A few pretty reputable blogs I know of, including Marketing Pilgrim where I first learned about BlogRush, have joined the link exchange so far. There's really nothing you have to do once it's been installed in your blog and it's totally free. Since it is in it's infancy, some reporting features are still having the bugs worked out, but I have faith that this will be a good little widget to have.
  4. ArticlesBase: I admit... I haven't poked around much on ArticlesBase yet, but so far I'm fascinated. You can create your own submission and read other articles based on keywords. I love tagging and keywords myself, so this is a great tool to submit your article (for free) and to find other articles that you'll enjoy reading.
I'm always looking for other freebie marketing ideas, so let me know if you know of any other great tools out there.

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