September 25, 2007

Good Reasons to Read Marketing Pilgrim

Since attending Search Engine Strategies in San Jose and listening to the intensely enthralling British/North Carolinian accent of founder Andy Beal, I've been hooked on Marketing Pilgrim. A good impression goes a long way with me, and I love that Andy seemed to read my mind in coming straight out and telling us in the audience the origins of his very unique speech accent. He was right... it would have bothered me the entire speech had I not been able to figure it out.

Hence, he made me laugh AND cleared the air and I was able to thoroughly enjoy his presentation and totally loved what he had to say and his take on Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management. I've since checked out the blog and find that it's one of the best, most well written marketing blogs I've come across.

Andy and his staff are knowledgeable AND entertaining, two qualities that make a winning blog for me. They blog frequently and always have the latest tech news. I find myself getting most of my industry news from their website first, then seeking out other sources and clicking on their provided links for more in depth information. Although, they're very thorough so it's not often that I even have to look for a second source.

They're also not afraid to give their opinion. The whole purpose of blogs that sets them apart from newspapers or websites strictly set up to deliver news is the take on that news. If I wanted to know what Blog Rush is, I could go almost anywhere to find a press release or their About Us page. But reading about BlogRush on Marketing Pilgrim gave me a very net savvy user's opinion of the fledgling service and laid out some great food for thought.

Now, of course being new to the professional blogging kingdom I signed up anyway, BUT I learned about it on Marketing Pilgrim, and I think that's the point here. All of the Pilgrim's Picks are great sources for news and tools that are truly relevant, and I probably would never have found otherwise so kudos to the staff over there. Marketing Pilgrim has definitely overtaken my GoogleReader settings as one of my favorite blogs out there.


Andy Beal said...

Thanks for the great feedback. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

Anuj Dwivedi said...

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