November 8, 2007

The Dark Side of Company Loyalty

As many employers know, your average employee is only as loyal as their options. For most hard working Americans, if a better opportunity arises they will take it, regardless of years put into their current company or bonds made. As a country we're all after the American Dream of wealth, success, and 4:00 a.m. gambling binges on acid in Vegas. So when you give an employee the opportunity for more money, they usually chomp at the bit.

The retail world is similar, except in an opposite way. Most people are looking for the bargain, the cheapest deal, the best rate. The most bang for their buck. And even the bonds of loyalty can be broken.

Last week, after deciding to print my own holiday cards but considering how much money I have to spend, I took a look at our main competitors website from home - I dare not speak their name, other than to say it rhymes with Trista Lint.

As much as I love PsPrint and know that our quality is top notch, prices are affordable, and turnaround is second to none, I was willing to put aside the tenets that I preach to potential customers in favor of the cheapest rate I could get for some customized holiday postcards to send to my very large family. While saddened, I have to admit that I, like many people, don't have much to spend on something as, well, socially optional as holiday cards. So late at night, when no one was looking to shame me, I scoped out the competition to see if I could get a better rate with them.

I admit, I expected some ridiculously cheap price or promotion, knowing that the quality would be less than ideal but it'd suit my needs. I'm ecstatic to say that I was wrong! Even a minuscule quantity was more expensive than the 100+ cards I need to have printed. It filled me with great relief to know that what I've been preaching to those hundreds of thousands of potential customers over the years is true - we really DO have the best prices!

So my faith and loyalty in PsPrint have, of course, been renewed. And just in time for the National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo next week! We've got the details set and I fly out this weekend. Now I can easily tell people with 100% confidence that we have the BEST rates out there!

BOOYA Trista Lint!

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