December 18, 2007

7. Give Stuff Away for Free

7. Give stuff away for free. (I don’t think this contradicts the previous point but maybe?) People love free. Offer a free version of your product, provide coupon codes, etc. Whenever we include a coupon code in a newsletter, there’s a big uptick in upgrades.

Over at 37 Signals, they have a great post today on 10 Ways to Get Ink. While we're not giving something away outright for free, we are sponsoring another contest with This time we're providing some prizes for their 2007 Photograph of the Year Contest. I joined the forums over there myself last week when I got word we were sponsoring Contest Corner Challenge #43: Holiday Alphabetography. It's a great little community over there, being a hobby photographer myself. Room for professionals and amateurs alike!

So go on over, join the forums, get to postin', and enter to win!

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