December 10, 2007

A Corporate Christmas

It's been awhile since I've been able to devote some time to this blog. A lot has happened at work, which I hope to update on this week. For now, before I get some rest before work tomorrow I'd like to share. I decorated my office with some holiday spirit last week. I'm quite pleased with the results:

My mini-mugs:

Shatterproof bulbs hung by paper clips with care:

Snowflakes adorn my dry-erase board:

My little plant/tree is in the spirit too:

My candy jar full of various holiday variety Hershey Kisses: Candy Cane, Mint Truffle, and Hot Cocoa Creme. I highly recommend the last one:

My office door from outside... I've since replaced the stocking with some bells and moved the stocking inside to the wall:

And I can't take credit for this, but HR did a pretty job on the front counter in the lobby as well:

Happy Holidays!

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