January 18, 2008

Cribbed Content for January 18th

From here on out, a weekly summation of the goodness I saw on the interweb. I'll make it (mostly) relevant, I swear!
  • Andy Beal announces Trackur to his loyal Twitter followers, an online reputation management website. Now accepting requests for Beta users.
  • Apple introduces the MacBook Air at MacWorld. Mac nuts everywhere 'fill the cup'.
  • Entrecard captured the attention of thousands, including me. I also noticed that BlogRush is really behind in keeping up with my posts. Entrecard 2, BlogRush 0.
  • Bauer-Power opened my eyes about Shouts on Digg. I was totally guilty of pressing that pesky little Shout It! button over and over when I didn't need to :/. Although, this does reinforce my belief that Digg runs REALLY slow. Get on that, guys!
  • I big scary monster! (What... it's Friday...)
See interesting things that should be included for next week? Tell me about them, dang it!

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