January 21, 2008

Higher Commissions? Yes Please...

About a month I go, I briefly mentioned that we've started a new affiliate program on Commission Junction. Didn't bring a whole lot of fanfare to the party since we hadn't officially made the announcement to our customers and current members at that time. I gave up my position as the manager of PsPrint's Direct Mail Services to focus more time and attention on this little bugger.

Well, let's get this party started? 8%? Weak sauce of the past. We're serving up 15% commissions now, baby!
That's right, we've dropped our measly 8% commissions and boosted to 15%. Partnering with Commission Junction has made the program so much better: a better interface, more reliable tracking, the support of a big affiliate network, you name it. It's all simpler than ever for our affiliates AND us!

I'm really excited about the transition as it gives us a chance to start over and scrap the old program soon. It's hard to improve on something that's inherently flawed like our old program.

We've made sure to get the word out on this just in time for Affiliate Summit 2008 West. The Summit will be held at the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino February 24th through 26th. PsPrint will of course have a booth and I will be there, so if you happen to be a reader of this blog stop by and say hi to me for a special treat :).

Really, I swear!


LaTease Rikard said...

Cool! You are the second person today to give CJ a thumbs up.

TrishaLyn said...

As both an affiliate advertiser and publisher on my own time, I love CJ. It's a great, easy platform. I hope you sign up for our program!

RubyShooZ said...

I've got one blog that's a fairly personal blog and hasn't really had a focus but am in the process of making a new one - more focused with a "green" sort of a niche I think and once we get that more off the ground (it's started but needs some more work) we are very happy to see programs like yours and you're on our list of places that we might be able to work with.

Peace to you today.

TrishaLyn said...

@rubyshooz that's great to hear! There's a lot of information about PsPrint's green ways at http://www.psprint.com/about/recycled/index.asp. I'm working on getting more specific information about our presses to add to the page too.