January 22, 2008

It's here... PsPrint Reseller Program

I'm so glad that this is FINALLY an official program! We've been working on the details of this program for a few months now, having gone through several internal systems and incarnations. For the longest time (before I took over the program) our affiliate program was almost a catch-all discount mecca: true affiliates with links and resellers looking for a break on pricing were all shoved into the same program, mingling and sharing commissions. Not any more!

We finally have separated out our Resellers from our true Affiliates and broken our old catch all program into two much improved programs. We're launching the program starting February 1st, accepting applications at any time. We have designed our reseller program to reward Resellers with set wholesale pricing on all orders, with many other advantages:
  • 10% discount on all orders up to $1,000
  • 15% discount on all orders up to $1,000 with valid state resale permit
  • No sales tax for California or Pennsylvania resellers with valid CA or PA resale permits
  • Same-day or one-day turnaround on many in-demand print jobs
  • Blind shipments in unbranded packaging with your return address (no invoice or promotional materials enclosed)
  • Real-time order status, change requests, service deliverables, and delivery dates available online 24/7
  • Dedicated reseller manager available to help you (that's me!)

PsPrint Reseller requirements:
Resellers will receive an exclusive gift code to use in placing all of their orders on the PsPrint website. This will give them instant savings instead of having to wait for end-of-month commissions like before. We'll also have a price range sheet available.

On a completely personal note (less sales-pitch on the program, that is) I'm extremely relieved to be launching this program and getting our current resellers & affiliates sorted out into their appropriate programs. I took over our old affiliate program in July 06 and basically found it to be a wreck. Confusing back end interface, way more complicated than it needed to be, with no organization of members to speak of and a mish-mash of random campaigns. For years my predecessors worked on the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' principal and made sure just to keep the program going rather than working to improve it or grow it.

The task I was set to was to do just that: improve and grow. I'm incredibly organized and it was a nightmare to try to improve upon something that was in survival mode. With the new affiliate program hosted on Commission Junction, and this new coupon code based reseller program, I'm excited to work on this project properly!


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