January 23, 2008

Is Project Wonderful so wonderful?

The latest advertisement trend for blogs seems to be Project Wonderful. It appeared on the Entrecard site about a week ago and since then I've seen it almost everywhere I go. The biggest difference between the two is green: Entrecard is free and works on a credit system whereas Project Wonderful costs money to place bids on ad space. But it can also earn you money in an ad block on your website.

I signed up as my original intent was to bid on an Entrecard ad spot, but I wasn't approved fast enough to get in on the good rate and it soon skyrocketed up to more than I was willing to shell out of my own pocket. See while I speak volumes about PsPrint and mention them all the time, this is really my own blog and not expensed by the company. So shelling out my own dough is not something I do lightly. I've invested a whopping $5 so far and I'm down to my last buck.

So far I just put up my ad code today and it's too early to really see any results. Other than Entrecard and Blog Rush, this is the only other ad exchange type deal that I've put up. I'm reluctant as I don't want a cluttered sidebar, but hey... a buck is a buck, right? The goal of this blog was not to make money at all, but if I can make some then great.

What's the goal of your blog?

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