February 13, 2008

In Mail We Trust

There's an interesting little blurb in the November/December issue of Revenue Magazine on page 18. In part it says:
The study said that newspaper ads were the most trustworthy, with 63% of media consumers saying they trust the ads there. Search ads were the highest-scoring online format, with 34% saying they trusted them. Banner ads were trusted by just 26% of respondents and mobile advertising had 18% of the public trust.
Basically what this says to me is that, even in an era of internet marketing, viral marketing, and SEO/SEM... brick and mortar printing is still the most trusted form of advertisement.

One of the best ways to get the word out in a trusted way is direct mail. Direct mail allows you to catch your customers when they're more alert and looking for information within their mail delivery. Consider this: when you get home from work at the end of the day and check your mailbox, you're momentarily more alert while trying to decipher what are bills that need immediate attention, letters from friends or family, and what is advertisements. But even though you're not looking for the ads, they can still seep into your consciousness during those moments.

Direct mail is inexpensive and can be completed by a number of different resources (other than your kids bribed with a pizza and armed with some stamps on a Saturday afternoon). Reputable printing and mailing companies like PsPrint take all the hassle out of a direct mail piece. Mailing lists are affordable as well, so there's no hassle in supplementing any customer list you already have with more potential leads.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when planning our your direct mail campaign:
  1. Make it Relevant. Target your list in a way that the consumers receiving your mail piece actually have interest in what you're selling or promoting. Use demographic parameters in renting your mailing list to narrow down who you're paying to send a piece to.
  2. Make it Pop. Designs should be eye catching when looking through the usual boring pile of mail. Use vivid colors to make your piece stand out amid the white and manila envelopes.
  3. Make it Clear. Don't clutter your piece with information in the attempt to let the consumer know everything about your company. Focus on a single call to action (e.g. coming into the store for more details or visiting the website for more information). Use the mail piece to say the most important thing you want the consumer to know and direct them to the most important action they should take.
Now get out there and get your mail on!

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Magdalen Islands said...

These are interesting statistics and truthfully I never really considered the value of snail mail, in years. It is not really expensive to let everything go as bulk mail, to any particular district either.