March 21, 2008

Explain the value to me

Okay, so there are some websites that I just don't get. So this is a participation welcome post. Well, okay all of my posts are, of course, welcome to comments, discussion, and participation. But today we're going to jump into web 2.0 and the world of user generated content!

There are a couple of biggun websites out there that I just don't understand what the value of these pages are. On one hand I do understand the getting your name out there and a wide & varied web presence will generate traffic (however little). But on the other hand, there's only one of me so where do I allocate my personal resources?

Here are the websites I just don't get - someone explain it to me! Remember, this blog is dofollow so feel free to throw in a link for your trouble!
  • - Isn't this just a big affiliate link venue?
  • - This seems like a lot of redundancy since the people I'm inclined to follow on friendfeed I already follow through their channels that are linked. Make sense?
  • - Is this just scrapped content heaven? Is there any value to your Technorati authority?
  • - What is SO much better about this cultivated human powered search engine?


Anonymous said...

To your comments on Squidoo - yes, but then that's pretty much how I feel about most everything Mr. Meatball Sundae does.

Mike1115 said...

Scuidoo has turned into a spammy site, was a good idea at first. Technorati has gone the same route. TechCrunch is better. Mahalo is a cross between a search engine and wikipedia, without spam or thin affiliate sites. Calacanis is just starting to sell via affiliate links but he is disclosing all so I think he's got it down. White hat SEO takes longer but builds stronger.

Trish said...

Yeah Mike I've heard all about the affiliate links on Mahalo...I'm still a Google girl I guess. I've been checking out TechCrunch more lately... still haven't quite grasped it either LOL