March 14, 2008

Sayounara, Spottt

I do a lot of experimenting with this blog to see what works and what doesn't in terms of driving traffic. When Spottt came along as a sort of EntreCard knock off, I jumped into the water and threw it up to see how it'd work.

I've been running it for a month and so far it is just not showing the return on traffic that I was hoping for. These are the stats that Spottt has given me:

So, with those stats my ad gets clicked on less than 1%. To be exact it's like 0.26%. That's really not very good. Now another thing I noticed is that Spottt says the banner received 25 clicks, yet Google Analytics shows me this data over the last month:

So, 1 page visit. That stayed on the site so short that it doesn't even register. Bounced immediately. On my list of traffic sources it's #105. I'm no analytics guru, but I'm pretty sure at this point that it's best to focus my efforts on, say, the top 25 traffic sources. So the real estate on my blog is actually WORTH something.

So take a hike, Spottt. I'll stick with my EntreCard love.


Crystal said...

Spott has pretty much flopped everywhere. Yep, take a hike is right.

LaTease said...

I agree with Crystal...I've read other bloggers say the same as you did T.

Luis Photographer said...

I've had the same experience that you.