February 19, 2008

Free Toolsday for February 19th

If you're anything like me, you want to get the word out on your business and on important press releases, articles, and blog posts. A great new tool that leverages the social media marketing scene is SocialMarker.com

SocialMarker is so easy to use it's almost not fair. Drag the bookmark to your browser tool bar and you're half way there. Whenever you come across something that you feel should be shared, click the bookmark and a new window or tab will open with the article title and link already added to the form fields. Just enter in your own text, add some keywords, and select which services you want to submit it to. Bam!

The service works like an extension within your browser. Here's my example of bookmarking a new reputation management tool Trackur.com. First I opened the Trackur website, then clicked the bookmark in my browser's tool bar. As you can see here, the website saved the last bookmarking sites that I'd checked on my last visit, as well as automatically filled in the URL and title.

After entering in some text and tags, I clicked submit and was on my way. SocialMarker stays visible in your browser and you can navigate between the different bookmarking sites using the Next, Back, Login, and Submit buttons at the top of the interface. On some sites the info may not be automatically filled in if you have to login first, but you can use the fields at the bottom to select the info you filled out at the beginning and drag it into the appropriate fields on the site.

Digg Submission shown through SocialMarker interface

I love this tool because, well, it's free and who doesn't love that! More importantly, of course, it cuts down the time I used to spend going to several different sites to bookmark something useful. I can increase my efficiency and get the word out faster than ever. Since I use it mostly to get my blog posts noticed, I can spend more time on great content and less time on getting that content out there.

There's honestly nothing to risk in trying it out since you don't have to create a login to use the service. Don't wait and go to www.SocialMarker.com to start!

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Dee said...

Thanks for sharing this tool. Looks like I'm gonna be using it.. it would be nice to replace the gazilion bookmarklets I have on my toolbar with just one!